Medical Care

Borola Clinic provides a wide range of clinical services and specialties dedicated to improving the health of adults and children.

Ambulatory care

The outpatient facility houses general practitioners (GPs), all major medical specialties i.e. gynecology, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, endocrinology etc.

Specialized Care (Programs)

Based on the philosophy of total healthcare for your whole family, BOROLA has created the special health programs that are very popular and highly thought of by its patients. It makes Borola unique compared with other clinics.

One-day inpatient clinic

Cares for patients whose condition requires one-day inpatient or outpatient observation care. The unit consists of 4 beds and other facilities for periodic monitoring and active monitoring by physicians, nurses and other ancillary staff.

Same-day surgery

It offers outpatient or same day surgery services, usually for surgical procedures less complicated than those requiring hospitalization. The surgery unit consists of modern operation theatre with special air-conditioning facilities. The one-day-surgery unit at Borola Medical Center allows patients to obtain the care they need in a convenient, outpatient clinic environment and return to their

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Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is accredited with the Ministry of Health and is in full compliance with the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Principles. 
We perform the full range of clinical laboratory analyses and employ state-of-the-art instrumentation systems that enable unmatched precision and efficiency.


The quantitative and qualitative analysis of body fluids such as blood, urine and spinal fluids. Chemistry services include both routine and special chemistry testing. A large variety of testing is performed – from basic electrolytes, lipids, enzymes and urinalysis to more complex (esoteric) tests for tumor markers.


Testing used to determine the body’s ability to control bleeding after injury or maintain hemostasis. The coagulation laboratory offers an extensive array of clinical relevant assays. The coagulation tests such as thrombin time and prothombin time are used for the diagnosis of bleeding disorders and monitoring treatment of various disease states.

Immunology / Immunohematology

The laboratory’s transfusion service performs a full range of testing in blood typing, compatible testing and antibody identification. Consultation available by the head of the laboratory with expertise in transfusion medicine.


The study of blood and its main constituents, red cells, white blood cells and platelets. A large variety of testing is performed. The most frequently ordered test is the complete blood count, which quantitates these cellular elements. These results aid in the diagnosis of disease and in the monitoring of a patient’s progress after diagnosis.


Measuring hormone levels is essential for the proper diagnoses of endocrine diseases. Hormone level testing also enables you to closely monitor your hormones ensuring they all remain adequately balanced and within optimal physiological range. A large variety of testing is performed including thyroid, parathyroid, sex hormones, and others.


Microbiology tests are performed in our affiliate laboratory. The microbiology laboratory offers full-service bacteriology, mycology, virology and parasitology testing. Guided by a board-certified medical microbiologist, the laboratory provides highly sensitive, accurate, timely and appropriate results using standard and innovative test methods.