Клиника Борола

Welcome to Borola Clinic

We are situated in the center of Sofia. Since 2001, Borola Clinic has been committed to delivering standard-setting medical care. It’s a modern outpatient clinic providing complete, high-quality, comprehensive and affordable medical services. Our unique style of care brings teams of experts together to provide compassionate personalized care to each patient.

Our Motto

We are committed to building a healthier world, based on the excellence of our people, team work, our integrated patient care, health education and research.

Our Features

BOROLA Clinic consists of ambulatory center, fully equipped clinical laboratory, state-of-the-art functional diagnostic unit, mammology office, same day surgery clinic, and one-day inpatient clinic.

Ambulatory center

The outpatient facility houses general practitioners (GPs), all major medical specialties i.e. gynecology, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, endocrinology etc.

Laboratory and diagnostic unit

Modern laboratory and diagnostic unit supports physicians at Borola Clinic by performing testing services for diagnostic and therapeutic evaluations. Besides serving Borola Clinic patients, the laboratories also do testing for other clinics and research teams nationally and internationally.

One-day inpatient clinic

Cares for patients whose condition requires one-day inpatient or outpatient observation care. The unit consists of 4 beds and other facilities for periodic monitoring and active monitoring by physicians, nurses and other ancillary staff.

Same-day surgery clinic

It offers outpatient or same day surgery services, usually for surgical procedures less complicated than those requiring hospitalization. The surgery unit consists of modern operation theatre with special air-conditioning facilities. The one-day-surgery unit at Borola Medical Center allows patients to obtain the care they need in a convenient, outpatient clinic environment and return to their

Why Choose Medicenter?

For more than a decade, people from all walks of life have found answers at Borola Clinic. There are many reasons why you will get unparalleled answers to your medical questions here. The following are some distinct differences you will discover at our Clinic:


The consultants are specialists of national reputation and having academic rank. The team comprises of physicians, nurses, laboratory assistants and strong management team takes care of every client personally..

Patient Care

Our unique style of care brings teams of experts together to provide high-quality, compassionate care to each patient. We are committed to providing the best care for every patient every day.

One-stop care

Virtually all outpatient medical services you may need – doctors visits, GP-care, diagnostic testing, same day surgery, one day inpatient care – are available “under one roof” at Borola Clinic. The clinic is one of the first major private medical centers to establish a fully integrated outpatient care.

Special Programs

Based on the philosophy of total healthcare for your whole family, BOROLA has created the special health programs that are very popular and highly thought of by its patients. It makes Borola unique compared with other clinics.

Educational Programs

Provide educational programs of the highest quality to fully address the needs of patients as well as medical specialists. Patient and family learning center in our clinic offers a variety of resources to help you stay up to date with the latest health information.